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So… What do we do when our backs are against a wall?

How do we come back from trauma and tragedy?  

We came out of our “Valley of the Shadow” following a herd of cows, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and a whole lot of chickens.

About us

As with all the farmers we know, we care deeply about our animals.  We love watching them grow and learning their personalities.  We cry when they pass away.  We love watching the babies get born and nurse for the first time.  We don’t love fixing fence or getting heat stroke baling hay. We agonize over illness or injury, probably spending way more time and money on them than is cost-effective.  We make mistakes and learn from them. We don’t love flies, mud, poop or parasites.  But we do love how healthy and happy our animals are when we take care of those things.


We can’t be callous, insensitive, or uncaring… the animals die if we are.

Caring about and for the animals has helped in our healing process.  The sheer enormity of work involved takes us out of and beyond ourselves.  


We can’t be callous, insensitive, or uncaring… the animals die if we are.  So in spite of the abuse we suffered, we cannot become hardened … the animals lives depend on it.

So when you drink our fresh, whole, creamy milk; when you eat some of our pasture raised beef or pork; when you cook with our delicious yogurt or eggs… you’ve done a lot!  

You’ve supported a local farmer.

 You’ve fed yourself and your family with natural, healthy foods.  

You’ve given your body nutrition it just can’t get from prepackaged, maximum shelf-life, processed stuff.


But you have ALSO contributed to the healing of a family. You’ve supported the foundation of a family legacy and you have helped domestic violence survivors become self-sufficient. You did all that so thank you!